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    selectItems using custom list component and itemRenderer

    bmilesp Level 1

      Hello, is it possible to do this without overriding selectedItems setters?


      I'm passing xml as the dataProvider for a custom list:


      here is the dataProvider XML:



      <color id="1" name="Red" color="0xFF0000" />
      <color id="2" name="Blue" color="0x0000FF" />
      <color id="3" name="Green" color="0x00FF00" />
      <color id="4" name="Orange" color="0xFF9900" />
      <color id="5" name="Yellow" color="0xFFFF33" />
      <color id="6" name="Purple" color="0x990099" />

      i I've tried passing the selectedItem like this: colors.selectedItem= XML('<color id="3" name="Green" color="0x00FF00" />')

      with no luck. i also have tried the vector.<Object> method as well with no luck.Can someone show me an example data format that you think might work for the selectedItem property, or even better selectedItems?

      thanks- brandon