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    form from pdf : dynamic tooltip not working


      Hi all,


      I m trying to make a pdf form.


      I m trying to modifiy the tooltip of a textbox at runtime (i.e. on a button click event) , but it does not work.

      i try both in js or formcalc.


      exemple :


      topmostSubform.Page2.Bouton1::click - (JavaScript, client)
      MyTextField.assist.toolTip.value = "ok";



      - With a pdf form FROM an existing pdf :

      It does not change the tooltip value on screen (using js debugger, the value of the tooltip is changed, but not updated on screen)


      - With a pdf form not from an existing pdf :

      it does work fine !!! tooltip can be changed on many events, no problem, the tooltip is updated on screen !



      I don't understand where si the problem ? why a form from a pdf does not work like a form from *scratch* ????