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    Can Automation libraries be tested with Flash Builder Standard?


      We have Flash Builder Standard and have an application we are getting into the testing phase of.


      We have written our own Unit Testing suite as the one that ships with Flash Builder is lacking in its ability to handle our asynchronous calls properly, and that seems to be all working fine. However we are also wanting to do functional testing with automated GUI interaction. I have been looking at FlexMonkey, RIATest and Ranorex as possible testing solutions for this. All but Ranorex require the automation libraries to be included in during the application compile, and these are supposedly only available with the Premium license of Flash Builder.


      This is all well and good, however before we spend a large chunk of money on the premium version we'd like to see if at least one of these tools can work as well as we'd like, and as such it would be good to at least see them working with our application. I had read that you should be able to use the automation tools within Flash Builder Standard but would just be limited to 30 actions. Is this so?


      I ask this as I've tried including one or many of the automation libraries within my compile options only to have the compiler die and Flash Builder require a restart in order to allow me to access the compile options again.


      An example of what I've added to the options is:

      -locale -include-libraries "${flexlib}/libs/automation.swc" -include-libraries "${flexlib}/libs/automation_spark.swc" -include-libraries "${flexlib}/libs/automation_agent.swc" -include-libraries "${flexlib}/libs/automation_dmv.swc"


      Which results in the error:

      An internal build error has occurred. Right-click for more information.   


      When I do a build, and then if I try to enter the compile options to change it I get "The currently displayed page contains invalid values" and will not allow me to even see them until I quit Flash Builder.


      I'm doing these within the Project Properties of our project that links to 2 other Flex projects, if that makes any difference.


      I would really rather not have to actually buy the Premium edition just to evaluate whether it does what we want, that seems ridiculous.