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      I'm new here.
      I'm a Flash developer for 3, 4 years. I love it
      There is a thing that i "can't" made in all of my "Flashed life". That is, preloading SWF movies and images, before show them.

      I don't put all content in one SWF. I make various movies, then I use loadMovie(...);
      That's what I do. I make a SWF that is like a preloader. Then i put some movieclips as targets of loadMovie and hide them. Then I use the loadBytes and totalBytes for each "movieclip target", then I sum all values in each variable, bla, bla, bla, you know. That "works" in some way. Because the preloader is not shown from the beginning, it only is shown in middle of the "preloading process".

      And with images, and want too, preload them before I show them. I'm loading images in Flash, via XML.

      If you, the experts can help me, I will be grateful to all of you.


      (Sorry my English )