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    embedded .swf -- but larger


      Hey everyone, got an interesting question for you...


      Let's say I have 2 .swf files.  #2 will be dynamically loading into #1.


      Lets say the stage size of #1 is 600x400.


      Lets say the stage size of #2 is 800x600.


      Is it possible to load a larger .swf file (#2) into a smaller one (#1), and somehow see the whole thing?


      As in, not crop the embedded file to the dimensions of the smaller "containing" file??



      Thanks in advance

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          Ron Colmen Level 2

          #2 is the bigger swf and #1 is the smaller swf.


          Create a movieclip to the size of your #2 swf (800x600) and give it an instance name of thescaled_mc. Now scale thescaled_mc using the 'free transform' tool (Q) . Place thescaled_mc anywhere in #1. Now load your #2 (using loadMovie) in to "thescaled_mc" That should do it.


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          loadMovie("#2.swf", _root.thescaled_mc);


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            on your loader mc put this:

            onClipEvent(data) {

            setProperty("",_width, 50);


            } instead of 50 put whatever you want.

            Mind that this method works only if you have a rectangle shape in the backgrounf

            of the loaded movie so that the container can read the width and height.