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    Layer Effects and Brush not working


      Everything was working well, but then, the layer effects stopped working.
      Nothing happes when i shut them on and off...
      Then the brush started acting wierdly and when i drew somthing, it drew a line from the beggining of where i started to draw to the end.

      I wasn't holding shift and it didn't look like what shift does.
      I tried reinstalling photoshop and deleting the prefrences file, but nothing worked.

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          lolNoJoke Level 1

          oops fogot to mention.

          photoshop CS5

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            Noel Carboni Level 8

            Good standard advice when things are acting up is to check to ensure all your drivers - e.g., video and tablet drivers - are fully up to date, and that you've updated Photoshop to the latest patch (CS5 has a 12.0.1 update, accessible via the Help - Updates... menu).


            Did this happen once during an edit session, or has it become persistent - i.e., it happens even when you restart Photoshop?


            If it is persistent, beyond the above advice, some things to try:


            1.  Clear your Photoshop preferences by pressing Ctrl-Shift-Alt immediately after starting Photoshop from it's shortcut or menu item.


            2.  Temporarily disable the OpenGL setting in Edit - Preferences - Performance to see if that affects the issue.


            3.  Check your Windows event logs for errors or failures.


            Hope this helps!



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              lolNoJoke Level 1

              Thanks for the help

              I tried resetting the prefrences a long time ago, and restarting photoshop makes it work every like 5 times...

              Disableing OpenGL doesnt help, and idk where to find errors...
              Thing is, it usually works at the beggining then stops.
              And theres one PSD that whatever i do it doesnt help, no matter how many times ill open photoshop.
              I tried installing photoshop cs4 too but there was the same problem with the brushes.
              Maybe i have a program conflicting with it?
              Thnx anyways

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                Noel Carboni Level 8

                You didn't say whether your video drivers are up to date.  You need to check and update them if they are not.


                I'm afraid you may have to get smarter about maintaining your computer to fix this one.


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                lolNoJoke wrote:

                idk where to find errors...


                Assuming you're running a modern operating system...


                1.  Click the Start button, right-click Computer, choose Manage.


                2.  Expand Event Viewer - Windows Logs and click on System.  Give it a few moments to fill in.


                3.  Look for Error entries.



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                  lolNoJoke Level 1


                  i did what you said, and there were 2 errors..

                  but they didnt look like they had anything to do with photoshop.

                  btw im running win 7




                  i just found out that the brush problem only happens when im using my tablet...

                  Hanvon Painting Master

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                    Level 7

                    You might want to check with the tablet maker about updated drivers.