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    Cannot print draws from US Open

    StuartG98 Level 1

      It used to be simple !


      On the US Open Tennis web site there is a link to printable draws.


      The instructions are -


      1.Select a draw e.g. Mens Singles from the drop-down list.


      In prior years you then saw the draw and could call up your printer and print.


      Now the instructions say "Select a draw above AND LOAD THE DRAW PDF INTO ADOBE ACROBAT READER"

      How do you do that if you don't know the name or the address of the pdf file ?


      I have Adobe Reader 9.0 on the computer and use it every day.  I just click on a file to see it and can then print it normally and easily.


      But I am baffled.  If after making your selection you choose Print, you simply print the  Instructions.