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    SO close - location script help

      Hi everyone! I am SOOOO close, Im off by a letter or a _root. or something! At least I think so. Anyhow, im desperate, and coming to you guys, those that know infinitely more than me. So I have a flash file with 2 scenes. Scene one is an intro, scene 2 is a "quiz". Pretty gay, but stay with me. The timer is in Scene 2 (quiz scene) The timer is a movie which loops over and over again until it reaches 0.

      I wrote a script in the timer movie that when the timer reaches 0, it will go back to the root of scene 2 and goto frame 60 and play. No matter what I do, it goes to and plays frame 60 of scene 1 , not scene 2!!! Its driving me nuts! Any help? Below is the code I have for the timer movie:

      timerNum is the variable counting down the time alloted.
      Scene 2 is the Quiz Scene

      if (timerNum > 0) {
      } else {
      tellTarget ("_root") {
      gotoAndPlay("Scene 2", 60);