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    Flex 4 and Coldfusion 8


      Dear all,


      I am new to Flex. I just started a simple project whose Application server type is Coldfusion Flash Remoting (using Flex 4 and Coldfusion 8). After exporting release build to a folder in coldfusion server all what i can see is "The page cannot be found" if i use the URL http://localhost/test2/test2.html if i use this URL file:///C:/ColdFusion8/wwwroot/test2/test2.html it works fine. Can anyone please help me to fix this problem?


      Thank you very much!


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          JeffryHouser Level 4

          If you're seeing a page not found error, then you are either trying to access the wrong page name / directory structure or you have not uploaded the file to a web accessible directory. 


          Normally you'd put the release build into a directory of your web serve (such as IIS or Apache), not a subdirectory of your ColdFusion installation.  Did you do that? 


          If you're accessing a remote web server, did you FTP the your release build to your web server?  Just exporting it on your local machine will not make it remotely avaialble.

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            don2009 Level 1

            Yes it's working now. The problem is i put the output files in Coldfusion server directory not in IIS!


            Thank you very much for your reply!