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    Hyperlinking inside a CF made word document

    jedale Level 1
      I am trying to set up an index of items throughout a word document by using hyperlinks. I have been exporting the word document with the index hyperlinks not working. It seems to have a problem keeping the path to the bookmarks I have set up in the different document sections. Instead of linking to a page earlier in the document it references a file outside the document. This shouldn't be the case since I didn't set it up that way when I generate the word document through coldfusion. I have set up a test word document of this hyperlinking and saved it as a web page to see the exact code to use, however this is not working. I would like to get the hyperlinks to work right out of coldfusion once it is generated but I have not been able to do this yet. Has anybody solved this issue before? I would appreciate any help you can give me.


      Thank you for your time.