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    FB2 under Ubuntu?

      Has anyone been able to run FB2 under ubuntu? I just found this method, has anyone tried it: http://www.venturecake.com/10-minutes-to-run-every-windows-app-seamlessly-on-your-ubuntu-d esktop/

      If I had to start our project all over again, we would use AJAX instead of flex, for the simple reason that we could run ubuntu on our machines instead of windows. The developers all want to run linux.... The only thing keeping me on windows is adobe apps. If I could drop adobe apps I could drop windows....

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          TheTyrant Level 1
          Have you tried installing flex builder as an eclipse plugin? I haven't tried to get flex builder on my ubuntu install, but since flex builder is available as an eclipse plugin; in theory, you could install it on any platform that supports java.
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            That's a good idea. I hate eclipse. But it's still a good suggestion.

            I guess I'd also need Flash IDE running too if I want to do serious flex work... damn..