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    HOWTO: Disallow printing/saving/selection on generated PDF?

    MaFd0n Level 1





      1) I have written a process which successfully converts X documents to X PDF files. (CreatePDF2 - service)

      2) The same process also successfully merges these generated PDF files to one single PDF. (InvokeDDX - service)




      I can print, save and select in the merged PDF (step 2 in situation).

      The end-user who receives this merged PDF file, may not be able to invoke any of these commands.


      Meaning the PDF Result of the InvokeDDX service must be: non-printable + non-selectable + non-savable.




      How can I restrict these settings?


      I find no such option nor in the InvokeDDX webservice, nor in the CreatePDF2 service.

      I generate the DDX manually and I can fully modify the written LiveCycle process which I created a week ago.


      Thanks in advance!