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    Problem going from AE to PrePro

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      Hi All,

      I am running Adobe CS5 Master Suite…

      I have a set of plugins from Red Giant Software called “Trapcode Suite 10 (one suite product is called “Particular”) ” for After Effects and a set of templates for use with these plugins called “Cassidy Bisher’s Text Effects Vol 2 for Trapcode Suite 10”.

      Everything looks fine in AE CS5 but when I save as Priemere Pro CS5 project and open in PrePro I get the following errors:

      “The editing mode used by this sequence could not be loaded.  The sequence will be opened in Desktop mode”

      Then this error:

      Video Filter missing:  AE.ADBE HUE SATURATION

      Video Filter missing:  AE.tc Particular

      The PrePro project loads but a lot of stuff does not work when I play it in PrePro.

      Am I missing something simple?




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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          The message abou the editing mode is telling you that the characteristics of the After Effects compositions don't match the characteristics of the format-specific native sequences in Premiere Pro. That's not really a big deal. The desktop editing mode is just the default editing mode for sequences with arbitrary characteristics.


          Saving a Premiere Pro project out of After Effects doesn't preserve all characteristics of the After Effects project. And Premiere Pro can't use all of the effect plug-ins that After Effects can.


          The process of converting from an After Effects project to a Premiere Pro project uses the same mechanism as copying and pasting between these two applications. You can see tables of what is converted and how here.


          Dynamic Link has much higher fidelity because it uses a background  version of After Effects to render and serve the frames to Premiere Pro,  rather than trying to convert elements of an After Effects project into  elements of a Premiere Pro project.


          See this page for a list of other ways to exchange information between After Effects and Premiere Pro:

          "Working with After Effects and Premiere Pro"

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            rlafoto1 Level 1

            Thanks Todd,


            Your suggestion help me solve the problem...  I can only do it with Adobe Dynamic Link - but that is OK!


            Take care,