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    AE CS3 install failing


      I'm using the deployment method of installing After Effects CS3 on multiple Macs.  Copy the install files to the machines using ARD, then initiate the install via ARD with a unix command to run the installer in silent mode.  This install method works on all but three machines.  These three end up with the installed files in the right places and such but the app will not launch and gives an error...


      "You can't open the application 'Adobe After Effects CS3.app' because it is not supported on this architecture."


      These are PPC Macs but the install completes just fine on all the rest and the app runs as expected.  These same three machines also return errors when I attempt to run the install from a mounted image of the install disk (from server) it gets part way through and asks to insert the install disk to continue.


      Anybody experienced anything like this?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Reminds me of that old problem where you need to re-install Rosetta after installing Adobe apps. You should try that.



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            janthenat Level 1

            Since these are PPC (G5) Macs and Rosetta's function is to run PPC code on Intel processors Rosetta should be of no consequence.


            What else ya got?  ;^)

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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              I recall seeing this message on a few systems that didn't have graphics cards in them. Do the systems that are showing the problem have different graphics cards than the ones that are working fine?

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                janthenat Level 1

                The three non-working ones are in a group of 28 machines that are not only the same hardware-wise, but are manufacture siblings... coming from the same production run with nearly identical MAC addresses.  They all have the same nvidia geforce 7800gt video and no peripherals apart from the same Apple 20" displays.


                I had thought maybe something about the install files got messed up in the ARD copying so I deleted and recopied those files, but the install failed with the same error.


                I'm just about ready to zero the drives on these three and reimage them.  But, not one to easily admit defeat I'm willing to experiment a little on these.

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                  Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                  Since these are PPC (G5) Macs


                  Yeah, sorry. Should have read more thoroughly. Since I'm not really a Mac guy (beyond my MacBook), I'll leave it to otehrs to jump in with ideas...