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    whats the latest on PreEl8 and windows 7 64 bit? will it work or not?

    genesmachine Level 1

      i am still using PeEl3 on my win Xp machine but would love to use my win7 64 bit for video editing. will PeEl 8 work on a win 7 64 bit machine. all i see in the forums are nothing but crashes and problems. are any of these issues fixed or not? i hear that the Sony Vegas Studio works well on win7 64 bit but i don't really want to learn an new program if i don't have to. i love PreEl3 but it is getting old and slow on the win XP machine. I have an i5 quad core processor and 4gigs of RAM and a nVidia GeForce 7600GT display driver. i have seen that there were issues with nVidia dispaly cards. is that issue resolved do you know? i could get a different display card if needed if that would make this work.

      i did a search but didn't see anything current on this issue.