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    OnRollOut, OnRollOver and OnPress


      Hi guys


      I have been searching for the answer to this for ages and would greatly appreciate anybodies help.


      I have a button that I basically want to give the action:


      on (press) {

      gotoAndPlay (3) ;


      on(rollOver) {

      gotoAndPlay (2) ;


      on (rollOut) {

      gotoAndPlay (1) ;



      So basically when the user rolls over the button I want to show frame 2. When they roll off it I want it to show frame 1. And when they click the button I want it to show frame 3.


      But what happens with the above code is when I roll over the button it goes to frame 2 then stops and frame 3. Then when I roll off it, it stays at frame 3.


      If anybody can tell me what I need to do to make it work right I'd greatly appreciate it.