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    Ideal Specification

    Dogminder Level 1

      Hi, I'm about to upgrade to CS5 and it looks like I'm going to have to start again with another new computer.  So far I only understand I need the following:


      64 bit

      8-12GB memory

      Mercury playback engine

      Cuda enabled video card


      Whilst there are several postings about mininmum requirements, I wonder if anybody could provide me with the IDEAL specs for a new computer. I'm possibly looking to buy from Dell again as they have been so reliable with my existing machine for CS3. However I need to be able to give them exact specifications.


      When I started with CS3 I got some extremely  useful advice from this forum (I think it was Harm Millard) about the ideal specification which was extremely useful.  I''d really appreciate the same advice now.


      In case it matters, we are a video production company looking to edit and burn HD DVDs from footage shot on Canon XH-A1s cameras.


      Hope somebody can help.


      Many thanks,



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          Harm Millaard Level 7



          I honestly can not remember whether I helped you before or not.


          First a couple of remarks.


          1. The Canon A1 is pretty easy to handle nowadays. Not a difficult codec to use and it does not tax the system heavily.


          2. HD DVD's do not exist. It is either DVD, which is SD (standard definition) or it is BR, which is HD (high definition).


          3. Dell, HP and other suppliers like that can offer great systems at an affordable price, if, and this is the big if, all you need is included in the deal. If it is not, they steal you blind. They generally offer gamers oriented systems, not fit for video editing.


          The most economic approach is to build yourself, but that requires that you really know what you are getting into, how to troubleshoot, etc. In the hardware forum there are lots of posts about hardware configurations that you may want to look up.


          An alternative approach is to use a custom builder to configure a system that meets your needs and gives you the support if needed. It may not give you the price you see at Dell or HP, if you forget about all the non-standard items that you need, but you will get a better system at a better price with the comfort of dedicated support. ADK comes to mind: http://www.adkvideoediting.com/


          I suggest you go to the hardware forum, click on the overview button and from the drop down box, start reading. http://forums.adobe.com/community/premiere/hardware_forum?view=discussions&start=0

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            Dogminder Level 1

            OK Harm thanks anyway. Brian

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              Dailey Pike Level 1

              Hey Brian,


              I own/operate an XHA1 and a 5D Mark II (in case that was in your future).


              Here's the system I got from ADK that handles HDV and .MOV files effortlessly.


              Windows 7 Pro 64 bit

              980X CPU

              285 GTX GPU

              24 GB RAM

              1TB drive for OS

              2TB RAID 0 for RENDER

              2TB RAID 0 for SOURCE/SCRATCH

              LG BLU RAY

              CS5 Production Premium installed and tested.


              It's a seriously fast system.


              I have no doubt ADK can build a system within your budget.


              I would get at least 24GB RAM, worth every dime.


              ADK also offers something Dell, HP, etc... doesn't.


              A real person, i.e., Scott, Eric or Dave you can talk to, work with, get to know, to build your system and beyond as they offer lifetime support.


              For the record, my only connection with ADK is as a satisfied customer.

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                Dogminder Level 1

                That's really is an enormous help.


                Thank you so much.

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                  Scott Chichelli Level 3

                  WOW thanks again guys!