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    Color .jpg/.gif images in the .CHM and true (4BPP/8BPP) grayscale in Printed Output?

      I do all my document creation in RH first, then output WinHelp and to Word 2003. I want to keep color images in the CHM and have a majority of the images become true monochrome grayscale in the Word doc.

      Yes, Word does have a nifty "grayscale" optopn for each image, but it leaves the color "channels" (24BPP) and so our color copier still prints page using all CYMK colors (and it never seems to get "true" grays anyway...)

      If I could somehow get monochrome grayscale images in RH, where there is already color ones - I could save as "monochrome" and "color" outputs.

      Any ideas, hints, batch files, suggestions or comments?

      Thank you!