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    Funny thing. No actual GPU-Cuda usage when NOT applying effects. Takes more time to render!!!


      Ok, check this out. I have a sequence of 2 hour HDV material. MPE with cuda enabled with my GTX 470 card. I don't apply any effects or transitions and render to mpeg2 Blu Ray ( I have made a preset). It take about 1.2 hours to finish rendering.


      I open the same project again and apply heavy GPU effects (RGB color curves). I render again with same preset and takes about 44 minutes to finish!!!!.


      Something is wrong here. I use the GPU Z utility http://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/

      and monitor the GPU. Without any effects when rendering the gpu load is 0%. With effects the GPU load goes about 88-90%.

      So what is going on here? If you don't apply any effects the GPU-Cuda and the so-fuss about Mercury GPU acceleration is not enabled?


      Now I have to find a GPU effect to apply which does not affect the original video image just to have faster rendering times!!