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    Hyperlinks do not work when output viewed in IE8 when certain users generate webhelp

    tml33 Level 1

      When I generate a WebHelp output for a particular project, and view the output in IE8, all of the hyperlinks to other topics within the project work fine. However, when either of my two colleagues copies over the exact same project files and generates webhelp, random hyperlinks do not work. For example, two hyperlinks in a list work and four others do not. All of the links have the same settings. (The ones that don't work are not even recognized as hyperlinks, i.e. when you hover the mouse over, it does not change to the "hand" cursor.)


      This appears to only be a problem when viewing the output using IE8. If my colleagues use the same project files and generate a CHM, the links work. They also work when the WebHelp is viewed through Firefox. (Note that this appears to be a generation problem and not a viewing problem. When my colleagues generate and anyone views the webhelp IE8, the links don't work. Likewise, if I generate and anyone views the output in IE8, the links work.)


      We all share maintenance on 20+ other projects and have not had this problem before. The only thing we've done differently in this particular project is make a small change to the table formatting in the .css file. However, the .css file is being copied with the project when they copy the project files. So I don't understand why the links work when I generate and do not work when my colleagues generate.


      We are using RoboHelp HTML RH8.


      Any help is greatly appreciated!