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    New CS5 installation crashing on Quick Time Export

    Eric Jurg

      This is a brand new computer. The spec's are: Asus P6X58D-E (mobo) i7-930 (cpu) 12 GB RAM, Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit, Nvidia GTX-480 (gpu), PSP CS5. All updates installed.


      When I try to export a Quicktime H.264 (source material is an AVCHD timeline; I am exporting at 960x540 progressive 3,000 kb/s), I get a blue screen crash. Other formats (MPEG2, for example) export without issue, so it seems to be Quicktime related . Initially I had the latest version of QT installed; later I uninstalled it and installed 7.4.5 (the Adobe recommended version), but I am still getting crashes.


      Yes, I do have the hack enabled, but I get crashes in both hardware and software modes.


      Quicktime Player seems to be operating normally.


      The Nvidia drivers were from the default Win7 installation.


      Any suggestions?