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    Controlling AIR runtime updates

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      I'm writing an AIR app for a client who is concerned about the AIR runtime updates. He foresees problems with his users being taken aback by the sudden appearance of multiple dialogs related to software that they (the users) have never heard of.

      I've thought of several options, given that his regard for his users is not going to change any time soon. I have no idea which of these is feasible and I hope to get some pointers here.


      1. Silent updates

      2. Providing a custom UI for AIR runtime updates

      3. Distributing AIR with the app so that it is version-locked and never attempts to update itself

      4. Install AIR normally, but provide some flag with the app that tells AIR not to update itself

      5. A clever, elegant solution


      This aspect may make or break the project, so my full (!) gratitude is guaranteed to whoever helps out.