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    Benefits of using an RSL in an AIR application?

    injpix Level 3

      I understand the general benefits of using a RSL in a web-based application.  That is, when a RSL is not merged into the code, it provides a quicker download.  Also, a RSL can be edited without recompiling the main application.  I am correct so far?


      But my main question is what benefits does a RSL serve when it is used in an AIR application?  The RSL would be downloaded when they initiate the AIR installer, so the “quick” download benefit wouldn’t be available.  The only benefit I see, and please correct me if you see any other, is if a developer is using a RSL instead of directly embedding an asset into the code to provide a quicker compile time, eg:


      <mx:Button label="Icon Button" icon="@Embed(source='c:/myapp/assets/logo.gif')"/>