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    So Confused With Exporting

    Michael KM Level 1

      Hi everyone, I used FRAPS to record gameplay of a certain video game and it made three different clips (the second/third continues from where the previous clip ended). I want to edit some of this in After Effects, but first I need to make it into one whole video clip. I thought Premiere Pro CS5 might do the job, but I'm confused with the sequence settings. It seems like whatever I try only reduces the original clips to a small video surrounded by a large black area. The clips are 840x524. I want to just combine the clips and then export it back to the original size, but Premiere Pro CS5 changes the size of the video. Please help.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          You need to establish a Sequence Preset that matches you source footage. If there is not one to begin with, choose Desktop and there you can adjust almost all parameters of the Sequence. That will eliminate the black borders.


          For working with FRAPS material, there are several threads on the CS4 and Before forum. A Search on "FRAPS" should bring those up. Lot of good reading.


          Good luck,