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    NULL Text problem with DataGrid SelectedItems

    Devtron Level 3



      I need to create a string based on the name property on rows in a DataGrid.


      here is my code:


                          //get devices names


                          var idx:uint;


                          var len:uint = dg.selectedItems.length;


                          var deviceNames:String;


                          for (idx = 0; idx < len; idx++) {


                              deviceNames += dg.selectedItems[idx]["name"].toString() + ", ";





      Whenever I trace or display the deviceNames string, it has "null" at the beginning, like this:

      "nullDevice1, Device2, "


      Why is null appearing? I have tried to remove it, replace it, and nothing.


      I know you can use replace or concat, but neither of those work. There are only two rows in my datagrid. I dont know why NULL is even appearing at the beginning of the string. I have changed the loop dimensions, because I thought maybe it was not zero-based, but still no luck.