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    CineForm 2.5 not migrating into Premiere CS5


      I am in the process of migrating from Sony Vegas 7.0* to Premiere Pro CS5. Vegas 7.0 came packaged with CineForm Connect HD 2.5 as an intermediate AVI codec. Therefore I have a lot of AVI files in the CineForm 2.5 intermediate codec.


      ** THE ISSUE **


      Premiere only imports these CineForm 2.5 Intermediate AVI video files as audio files.




      - Windows Media Player and Media Player Classic both play back the intermediate video files without any issues, and Vegas still plays them fine, so the codec isn't broken.

      - Vegas 7.0 is installed as an (x86) program where as CS5 is obviously installed as a 64-bit program. Is it possibly that the codec hasn't been registered correctly?




      So, anyone out there got suggestions for how to help a fella out? How do I get Premiere to properly recognize these fiiles that are whole and undamaged and readable by the computer?


      Many thanks,






      * Yes, I've been editing in Vegas. Deal with it. It rocks in many ways. Those ways admittedly aren't project management, but as a single-sequence/timeline editing program it is much more versitle than premeire. Yet as a handler of large projects, it sucks. Alas.