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    Version buffering nightmare


      Please please please somone come up with an alternative to this product or fix it.  Various sites seeem to work fine the first time but after one video finishes 50 % of the time no other videos will load from that site.  Examples of sites that will not download and continue to buffer;








      Shall I go on.  I really doubt that these sites have any kind of upload speed issue and or programming bug.


      I have been dealing with this for at least 2 months now.


      I am running WindowsXp with 4GB of memory, solid state harddrive and Internet explorer 8 4mb download 768kb up at work and 25mb download 10000 up at home.  Therefore it is not download related.  I have tried all solutions offered including, Enablein/disabling harware acceleration, increasing/decreasing cache size, and updating video driver.


      Machine scans clean with no viruses, all other internet content loads without an issue.  I am also having the same problem on 2 other machines with similar or better configurations.


      Bottom line I am seriously considering dumping my entire Adobe Master collection and suggesting another product for my office if this does not get fixed by the end of September.


      Please fix this, even if it means releasing an older version with the ability to press pause until the video loads.  The new version is not better it is worse...MUCH worse.