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    Applescript CS5 file path problem


      I have a script that opens one file from a mounted server volume, and one file from my local drive. It then combines the two files and saves a PSD back to the server volume. This script runs perfectly in CS3 & CS4.  When I updated the script to run in CS5, everything works except opening the file from the server volume. Instead of opening the file, Photoshop opens the "Browse" window and waits for me to select the file and click open. Here is a sample:


      set fileA to "LocalDrive:Folder:thisFileA.jpg" -- JPG stored on local drive
      set fileA to "PostVolume:JOBS:ThisJob:ThisFileB.tif" -- TIFF stored on server volume


      tell application "Adobe Photoshop CS5"
          open alias fileA  -- JPG stored on local drive
          open alias fileB  -- TIFF stored on server volume
      end tell


      My workaround is to tell the Finder to open the file stored on the server volume. This works because the default app on my machine for TIFF's is Photoshop. I intentionally have Preview set as the default open app for JPG's. If I have to open a JPG from the server volume, telling Finder to open it will result in the file opening in Preview. Not good! Has anyone expierenced the same "open" issue with files stored locally vs remotely? Thanks in advance!