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    AMD OpenCL 1.1 and GPU Support for ATi Radeon 5xxx's cards? (


      This plain and simple request for MPE to be Ported from CUDA to OpenCL 1.1 support on AMD ATi Radeon© 5000 series cards. From this benchmark,

      Ati Vs Nvidia (Radeon 5970 wins), http://www.maximumpc.com/article/features/nvidias_hot_rod_gtx_480_powerful_and_power_hungr y , Ati 5970 beats every single Nvidia Fermi cards. I know that Nvidia has pushed CUDA to the extreme. I talk with companies of XFX and EVGA since my Mobo is the EVGA 4-way sli with XFX ATi Radeon 5870 XXX edition. It took awhile for EVGA to about 6 months fix BIOS issues with Radeon Cards, Processors, and Memory timings with Bios number 64 (keep for safe keeping on bootable USB drive to fix future problems). Well here are my issues!


      This has been bugging me since I bought my cards back in January. Only ONE company, Cyberlink®©, has adopted GPU support in Favor of Nvidia CUDA®© Gpu Clocks. Clock for Clock the ATi's Radeon 5970 beats Nvida's Fermi 480 Gtx. This is not a big deal to change over to OpenCL 1.0 or OpenCL 1.1.


      Is this problem that Amd has decided to have a "Open Source" Architecture of it's GPU's.


      Is there A Problem with the 5XXX's series cards that is does not work or is it toooooooo complicated to change from CUDA to OpenCL.


      Adobe is optimized for CUDA®©.


      Just give us the Source Code of the Opitmizations so that it can be ported over to ATi GPU OpenCL or does AMD ATi have to Purchase a Licence for every single ATI Radeon 5XXX's card to have GPU performance with its OpenCL®©.


      This is a war like Blu-Ray or HD DVD. Nvidia CUDA®© Vs AMD OpenCL®©. And to top it all off. The OS wars betwen Microsoft Vs Apple Vs Linux.


      The Idea of Open Source is going towards Linux and Apple but to Top it off. As of June 2010, Microsoft Windows is grabbing 90 percent of all PC's. All linkage will be below.


      Ati Vs Nvidia (Radeon 5970 wins) Nvidia's GTX 480: First Fermi Benchmarks! | Maximum PC


      Folding@home High Performance Clients
      Folding@home - DownloadWinOther


      Adobe Picks CUDA and only has CS4 beta OpenCL
      Built for Adobe Professionals - Adobe Creative Suite 5


      ATi transitiopn/translation of CUDA to Its OpenCL 1.0 (do not know of 1.1 yet)
      OpenCL? and the ATI Stream SDK v2.0


      OpenCL 1.1 Spec


      Current OS Statistics
      OS Statistics


      Sony Bluray Wins
      Blu-Ray wins, HD DVD loses. Probably. | Speeds and Feeds - CNET News


      I just hope that all companies open there eyes and see both sides of the fence.


      If anyone has linkage for Adobe CS5 MPE or Plugin support for Adobe Creative Suite 5. I would have less of a headache.