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    Use Time Machine in OS X CS5

    tallscot Level 1

      I just saved a file I was working on and Flash CS5 crashed on me as it was saving and now the file is corrupt and won't open (because of our obsolete file system).


      So I recommend OS X users to use Time Machine so you always have a backup of the file being made as you work.



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          James M Photography

          I understand that this post is mainly a reccomendation, but on another note; Is the entire file corrupted? I am on a Mac running Snow Leopard, and with some files I corrupted intentionally to test a problem like this, I was able to collect a good amount of the contents. Exam the contents within the folder/file/document, normally you can pull out some content that is unharmed.


          Just don't want to see you do more work then you have to