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    Basic Workflow Question

    richardELeach Level 1

      Hi All-


      I'd like to build an AE presentation that looks like you're walking/driving down the road and images/photos/text appear on billboards as you walk/drive by.


      I'll start as simple as possible, but ultimately would like to produce something that I think is a fairly common effect with depth, moving through or past objects in 3d space, adding and moving cameras, etc.


      Does this effect/presentation type go by a certain name or nomenclature? I'm not having much luck finding tutorials online so I'm sure I'm not searching for the right things.


      I'm running After Effects CS5, Flash CS5 (if needed) and Zaxwerks ProAnimator. I'm a relative nOOb in real world implementation but have been through many hours of training. If another product(s) would make this easier I'd welcome that information as well.


      Thanks in advance,



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          richardELeach Level 1

          ... ok, so after some talking around it sounds like what I'm looking to do can be accomplished entirely in After Effects, simply by using cameras, maybe some lighting and tracking....


          Does anyone have any good resources for me to understand cameras, lighting and tracking?  I like lynda.com but it stops short in actually how to use cameras in this fashion, and only touches on lighting.... I don't mind paying for some good learning resources either!


          Thanks in advance,



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            bogiesan-gyyClL Level 3

            Your description does not include a need for tracking.

            Understanding AE's limited 3D world is not easy. You chose a resource, commit 40-80 hours, and get to work.


            I infer from your OP you intend to use some kind of interactivity in which case AE is not going to help you much. AE is a content creation tool, not an interface or programming system. You can create the movies that look like you are walking through your world and you can create movies that appear on the billboards but you will use another application to handle interactions with the objects in your world.



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              richardELeach Level 1

              Hi bogiesan-


              You are correct, no interaction for this project, just a presentation of objects.


              I suppose the big question now is, do you have any suggestions for resources for helping me understand AE's 3d world? I'm running AE CS5 and there don't seem to be too many books out yet, some are still being listed with publish dates in the future.


              Thanks for your help!



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                Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                > do you have any suggestions for resources for helping me understand AE's 3d world?


                Start here:

                "3D layers overview and resources"


                >  I'm running AE CS5 and there don't seem to be too many books out yet,


                You don't need an After Effects CS5-specific book. The 3D features haven't changed much in the last few versions.


                But there is already a CS5 version of a book with excellent 3D chapters:



                I recommend beginning at the beginning:



                BTW, you can find a lot of this information yourself. How to search:


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                  richardELeach Level 1

                  ... many thanks! I ran out and got the book "Creating Motion Graphics..." which appears to be exactly what I'm looking for - instruction and reference. Also, I found a plug in that I'm sure everyone but me knew about  ;-) called Sure Target 2 by videocopilot.net. First of all it's free, and most important is that it allows you to create that 3d camera space and move cameras with relative ease; I mean, I watched his 25 minute tutorial after installing the plug in and I was literally creating some "wow" stuff (at least for me). I'm sure there are others out there like it so if I discover anymore I'll post.


                  Thanks again,