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    Encoding Quality Difference Between Premier and After Effect

    yalnam Level 1

      I try to encode DV NTSC Premier project which contains just 2 JPG files  with maximum quality.(Uncompressed AVI)


      And with just same method encode AfterEffect composition.(Uncompressed AVI)


      Can I get same result both Applications?



      The result is so different. After Effect shows much more better quality.


      So everytime I have to  bring Premier job to AfterEffect again each clip copy and paste.

      (There is another problem Dynamic Link, so I can't bring whole sequence)



      1. 2 jpg clips are connected with cross dissolve in Premier.

      2. Copy and Paste all Premier clips to AfterEffect composition.

      3. NO dissolve applied. What the~...

      4. more strange thing is this is not happended every clips if you apply same transition several clips streak.


      Anyway... my major concern is encoding.


      Once more .. Can I get same encoding result between Premier and AfterEffect?