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    Why is my garbage matte animating on my title sequence ?

    David Zeno Level 1

      Hi everyone,


      interesting question here I hope....


      I have a picture frame graphic and have made a scrolling title, just simple text going along the bottom of the picture frame graphic saying "Happy Birthday"

      I want the text to stay visible only in a specific area, so I threw a simple 4 corner garbage matte onto the titler layer.  This will hide the scrolling graphic the way I want and make it look like the text starts scrolling ( and start appearing ) at a specific point and also disappears at a specific point.


      Simple enough, I got the garbage matte points positioned correctly, but to my surprise, the garbage matte moves with the scrolling text ! .... I don't want this to happen but it does.


      I even tried locking the garbage matte's keyframes at the end of the sequence by copying them from the first frame ( I copied all 4 points ) and pasted them to the last frame I wanted, but this didn't stop the matte from moving... very strange.  I just can't grasp what is going on.


      I have a feeling I'm using the wrong technique, the wrong tool for this job.... or something just is escaping me.


      Thanks as always for your help, I do appreciate it.