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    Captivate 2.0 freezes or locks

    ginafromtampa Level 1
      I have discovered that deleting library items decreases project file size so Captivate won't freeze or lock up. My project (.cp) appeared to be 266 MB with only 5 slides!!!! I deleted unused files from the Library, which brought it down to 15 MB. Before that, Captivate kept freezing or locking up. It was really frustrating because I thought I had too many programs running at the same time (Microsoft Office, the application I was trying to capture, and Snag-It. To delete unused files: while viewing a slide, click View/Show Library. Drag the left vertical border of the Library window to the left so you can see the column headings. Sort by the Use Count heading. Delete files marked "0" (unless you really need them).