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    dynamically refreshing arcSDE connection to oracle 10g database

    a.bhavika Level 1



      I have a Flex application that consumes ArcGIS map services. I am doing all the functionalities with the maps in flex. Now I want to enable attribute editing on maps. I have stored all the attribute information about maps in oracle database and made an ArcSDE connection to this database . With this connection I am able to see all the tables of oracle database. I have joined map layers with their corresponding aatribute tables present in oracle database.

      Now I am taking this data from oracle table in a flex editable data grid. I want that when user edits some data in grid and submits the changes then these changes should be reflected dynamically in corresponding map also.I dont want to manually refresh the ArcSDE connection to oracle database and then get the edits done in map.
      How can I achieve all this dynamically?