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    NetGroup.Connect.Rejected ?

    Alter Ego - Jo Level 1

      When i tried to connect to a netgroup server rejects the connection and i want to know why and if it's happening only to me. It all work fine til yesterday.


      Basic test:


      private var nc:NetConnection;
              private var netGroup:NetGroup;
              static public const SERVER:String="rtmfp://stratus.rtmfp.net/";
              static public const DEV_KEY:String="you own dev key";       
              public function P2PConnect()
              private function init():void
                  nc = new NetConnection();
                  nc.addEventListener(NetStatusEvent.NET_STATUS, onNetStatus);
                  nc.connect(SERVER + DEV_KEY);
              private function connectGroup():void
                  var groupSpec:GroupSpecifier = new GroupSpecifier("me");
                  groupSpec.postingEnabled= true;
                  groupSpec.serverChannelEnabled = true;
                  netGroup = new NetGroup(nc,groupSpec.groupspecWithAuthorizations());
                  netGroup.addEventListener(NetStatusEvent.NET_STATUS, onNetStatus);           




      netStatus: NetConnection.Connect.Success
      netStatus: NetGroup.Connect.Rejected