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    can not view primary layout

      I am using Robohelp HTML X5 build 584, with windows XP and IE6. I have used robohelp inthe past to generate web pages with help info which all worked well. I recently added new pages to the project and now it is not working. In the meantime I have transferred to a new pc and reinstalled robohelp and activated it, so maybe that isthe problem.

      When addinghe new web pages I can generate the primary layout but I can not view it. WHenj looking at the files created it is missing the main html page that shoudl be the ne that opens, plus some of the data and xdata folders inthe skins. I restored from backup a few thinjgs which I noticed wer missing but that does not seem to help.

      I created a brand new test project in case size was a problem, and added about 30 topics. Again it willnot view primary layout and does not create the main .htm page.

      Any ideas on how to fix?
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Di W

          This certainly sounds as if RoboHelp isn't correctly installed or that you don't have sufficient permissions. I'd be checking with my IT staff to see if they recently changed anything from a security or permissions perspective. I'm not slamming IT, as they do have valid reasons for endlessly tweaking these settings, but it's quite common.

          You may also wish to review fellow Adobe Community Expert Peter Grainge's site by clicking this magickal link

          Cheers... Rick