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    After Effects (and Premiere) CS5 do not run on a Dell Precision M90 - I Need Help!

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      I just installed the CS5 MC on my Dell Precision M90 on Windows 7 64 bit Pro.

      Graphic-card is a NVidia Quadro FX2500M.

      Unluckily After Effects an Premiere do not run. There seems to be something wrong with the OpenGL and I've no idea how to fix it. I use the newest drivers I could get and tried to install different nvidia drivers to find out if I can use a different (newer) driver. In this case, the installation is canceld by the installer. Baybe there is a workaround?


      Here ist the what AE says in German - I'll try to translate it.



      After Effects Fehler: After Effects ist bei dem Versuch Open GL zu initialisieren abgestürzt. Wenden sie sich wegen eines mit Open GL kompatiblen Treibers an den Hersteller Ihrer Grafikkarte.


      Translated: After Effects crashed when tryed to to initialize OpenGL. Contact your Graphic Card manufakturer for a compatibile driver.


      The following message is:

      <1212><AppDirs> Required Dir=  C:\Program files\Adobe After Effects CS5\Support files\Required


      and then ...  adobe support....(2)




      I hope this was correct translated and you guys can help me.