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    RH8 crashes on opening

    Dominique Marty Senet

      Hi all,


      My colleague can no longer open any help project on her PC. She had been working for several days on various RH8 projects when the problem occurred. On a morning, she could no longer open her projects.


      What occurs is the following : she opens a project listed in the Starter or from its xpj file; the RH8 UI with the various pods displays normally, and after a few seconds, she gets the following message: "Robohep has encountered a problem and will be closed. ..." (my translation, the original message is in French). Error description is the following:


      AppName: robohtml.exe AppVer: ModName: msvcrt.dll

      ModVer: 7.0.2600.5512 Offset: 00037fd4


      We searched the forums and found a similar issue in the following post :




      We applied what Charles did, and the projects opened again. But the next day, the problem returned and my colleague has not been able to open any RH project since. Opening from the hhp file won't give better results.


      She uses TCS 2, has all patches applied (current version is RH, with Windows XP Professional version 2002 and Service Pack 3. In fact, there are four of us with the same configuration, working on the same help projects, and the projects open normally on our PCs, except hers.


      We've run anti-viruses. I've uninstalled TCS 2 (and some remnants of TCS 1.3) then reinstalled TCS 2 only, including the patches. I've also checked Peter Grainge's website for possible solutions, but none seem to apply has she has patch 802 installed. Our IT department has run a diagnosis but detected nothing.


      Any idea what's happening here? Any help will be greatly appreciated as we can't think of anything else to try and solve this issue.