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    Can not open nearly completed video (Adobe Premiere Elements 8)

    Koscieliska Level 1

      How frustrating! For the last three weeks I was working on a video which I completed today. I then inserted DVD disc and pressed 'Share' to render and burn several DVDs. But instead of waiting for the right screen showing me sharing options (one of them is' burn to disc' - which I wanted) I accidentally pressed another icon which appeared before, resulting from insertion of a disc ('burn a DVD using Windows DVD maker'). From this moment PrE8 does not work properly. I can not open the file with my newly completed video. It partly opens and then runs in circle.


      I also need to mention that my computer has 12Gb RAM and when I read the size of the file in question file it has 12.5 Gb. Maybe this is the reason for this problem. But, on the other hand, I can not open any other smaller file with PrE8. It just does not work!


      I re-installed PrE8, but it did not help.


      What else can I do? Can anyone help, please.