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    Flex 3.5 data visualization license

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      For Flex 3.5, the data visualization library is freely available, but it's licensing is unclear to me. Do I still need the Flex Builder license if I want to use it in a commercial product?


      The legal stuff page (http://opensource.adobe.com/wiki/display/flexsdk/Legal+Stuff#LegalStuff-Licensesofthevario usFlexSDKpackages) mentions:

      "Adobe Add-ons for Open Source Flex SDK – This package contains  all of the items that are in the Adobe Flex SDK and not in the Open  Source Flex SDK. Downloading this file will allow you to bring the Open  Source Flex SDK to parity with the Adobe Flex SDK. This package includes  the Adobe Flash Player, Adobe AIR, the advanced font encoding  libraries, and the code that allows licensing of things like the Data Visualization components. All of these elements are licensed under the  Adobe Flex SDK license."


      But no clue whether that means I can use it.


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