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    Intensive course Adobe CS5 DreamWeaver & Flash


      hi there


      I'm a  selfmade semipro in Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign  commanding  these tools really well (I mean, I can always do what I want  to, and if  some piece of knowledge is missing, the help manual is  enough). I've  worked with DreamWeaver and Flash for fun but never really got it. I  have no experience in scripting, though...


      i'm looking for  a intensive course in Adobe DreamWeaver & Flash.it should give me  the skills to really start working, i.e. creating Flash animations,  interactivity, and build websites.


      Language: English or German

      Place: Europe, USA, I'd prefer EU for travelling reasons

      Duration: up to one week at a stretch



      Any ideas?


      would be appreciated a lot, thanks, Fantasmorama