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    Can RH generate simple html tags?


      Hello, and thanks in advance to anyone who responds to my question.


      For policy reasons, our team is creating online help in a counterproductive way.


      The help begins as a Word file, then transformed into MS HTML using RoboHelp v8. The HTML pages created by RH are then processed by another (proprietary) program called RX that imposes its own style sheet on the HTML.


      We use RH because RX only accepts HTML files as input. However, we would like to preserve some of the formatting from the original Word file. RX will accept and preserve several basic html tags--<b>,<i>,<sup>,<var>, and so on.  But RX will annihilate any styles and classes that conflict with its own.


      So here is my question: given that we have to work in this ungainly fashion, is there any way to get RH8 to translate Word character/paragraph styles into basic HTML tags rather than CSS styles?


      To take a simple example, can I get RH8 to generate <b> tags instead of <span class='MyBold'> or <span style="font-weight=bold;"> ?



      Ben Mathiesen