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    Color issues when printing AI files on PostScript


      First off, please forgive me if this is  not the right forum or if I am not using the right terms.  I am the network admin for our company and I'm posting this on behalf of our designer.


      We recently added PostScript drivers to our Sharp printers, and we have been seeing odd printing results when printing embedded .AI files.


      We use CreativeSuite CS5, and our developer has hundreds of images with pure white and transparent backgrounds stored in .AI format.  When these images are embedded/linked to an Indesign document they print with a solid black background and what appears to be an inverted color pattern, almost like a photo negative.


      All embedded EPS files print fine.  The affected .AI files print fine when printed directly from Illustrator.


      The embedded images print fine using a PCL driver.  We are trying to implement the Postscript driver for better color quality.


      Any ideas?


      (We are using Windows XP SP3, x86

      Server based network printing on Windows 2003 x86)

      Thanks in advance