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    How would I go about doing this type of compositing in AE???  Help?


      Hey everyone,

      I have a question regarding specific footage I have shot:




      password: ski


      Now the steadicam shot I used (I have done something similar for the actual music video) I would like to have 3d text/objects 'pop-up' from behind the artists shoulder and follow him for a few seconds as he says certain parts of his lyrics during his walking shot.


      I'm assuming I will have to do things like 'tracking' and 'camera solving' and also probably have to mask the subject to have the 3d objects appear like they are 'behind' him...as well as lighting the objects that I would prob have to creatd in Maya/Photoshop CS5 (which I have access to) etc etc etc.


      That's my main problem...I just don't know AE well enough (albeit I'm quick to learn) and I basically need to know specifically what I need to be doing here to achieve my ideas.


      I've seen some basic "how to add 3d text to video" tutorials but they are all for static shots and in this case you can see that's not the case here.

      Can anyone please provide some workflow insight?


      I'm not looking for an easy way out here but any direction to make this process a bit less error free would be GREATLY appreciated.

      Thanks for any help in advance.


      If I'm not being clear enough about what I'm tryin to do please let me know and I will clarify as best I can.


      Much thanks in advance!

      - B



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          I'm afraid you can pretty much forget all that because the video was shot the wrong way in the first place. The camera is far too close in and the artist obscuring too much of the background to get a stable track. His gestures would throw off the tracker, also. Aside from that, due to how it moves, you would have to do it for every shot separately and still need to manually matchmove sections where the motion is simply too fast. Additionally, you cannot go creative with contrast and color. This needs to be shot as neutral as possible. In some of your footage there is nothing but black shadows and while that may be due to the color correction, I doubt the original sources look that much better. so ultimately, you are stuck with those techniques for static shots and throwing a lot of manual work on top of it to make it work in the few shots where it may be possible to kinda match the camera..



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            BobbyJames2001 Level 1

            Well I will be cutting away to other shots between the few parts I want to add 3d text/objects to.  The actual shot is alot better in terms of exposure but also he is very upclose to the camera as well...perhaps I will upload the actual shot I'm dealing with tonight and get some feedback.


            How difficult (I don't mind putting in the work) would it be to correct manually?...I'm maybe talking about 2-3 seconds per graphic appearing then disappearing.


            Could I possibly track his eyes/face and lock to that...masking around him and anchoring the graphics to the artist rather than the surroudings???


            What do you think?