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    1st steps to take on a new PC before installing CS5?

    dslr_sc Level 1

      I have my new i7 PC set to arrive next week and when it does I want to make sure I break it in properly and add the needed updates before installing Premiere CS5. Here's my checklist so far:


      1. Update system bios.

      2. Update video card drivers (I'm getting the Nvidia GTX-470)

      3. Install anti-virus software (I like to use Avast and Microsoft Security Essentials)


      Is there anything else you think should be done before loading my precious Adobe install DVD?


      I'm also adding a second hard drive for video files... I forgot, should this be formated as FAT or that other format?


      And once Premiere is installed, I assume I should check to see if there are any updates?


      For the final step after Premiere is installed I'll perform the GTX-470 Mercury hack and (god willing) I'll be in HD real time editing heaven!