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    Setting a value of a field in a callresponder prevents future changes to be shown?

    RobX82 Level 1

      Using Flex 4 with Zend to connect to a PHP backend.


      Currently if I change a value shown in a datagrid by either of the following methods that value is then pinned forever it would seem to that record.


      DevicesResult.lastResult[dgDevices.selectedIndex].FieldName= newValue;




      dgDevices.selectedItem.FieldName = newValue;



      The problem i am having is say that this value is changed in sql well when you refresh this grid it still shows the value you defined before, it does not show the current new value returned from SQL.  I know the new value is getting returned because I can see it get returned through Charles web proxy.


      Anyone have any clue how to fix/prevent this??