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    Can't automate apps compiled with FB 4.0 Premium - Volume License


      My configuration is:
      OS: Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)
      Flash Builder: 4.0 Premium, Volume License (verified in About box)
      Flash SDK: 3.4.0
      RIATest: 3.7.0 Professional Edition, Build 3582


      After using Flash Builder 4.0 on a trial basis for two months to compile our company's application for testing using RIATest, my company bought a volume license of Flash Builder 4.0 Premium. All the developers here use the Standard version, since they don't need the automation capabilities. I had to uninstall the trial version I had been using and download Flash Builder from their "licensing.adobe.com" web site. After installing this special build and entering the license key, which went smoothly, I can't perform automated tests for more than about 20-30 seconds. Then, an alert appears stating:

      "License not present. With the trial version only limited replays are allowed."

      With the trial version, I performed unlimited automated tests for two solid months. Now, with a volume license of the Premium version, which is very expensive, automated testing is disabled. I contacted Adobe about this, and all I get is someone in New Delhi, India who has never heard of Flash Builder. That person invariably passes me on to the Sales department in the Philippines, who transfers me back to the inept staff back in New Delhi, and so on. They tell me that in order to actually use the license, I have to pay for a support contract. My manager got angry when I informed him that we have to pay even more money to actually use the extra, expensive license we just bought for performing automated tests. If I can't get our Flash applications tested by automation, which is what I was hired for, I'm out of a job.

      Does anyone have any clue how to get the Premium version of Flash Builder to compile non-crippled applications for automated testing? I even went so far as to reformat the hard drive, reinstall Mac OS X, and install Flash Builder from scratch with only the license key, and never running it as a Trial version. I thought that maybe because I had used the Trial version previously, it may have "remembered" this. I also deleted the "bin-debug" directory of the Flash project just to make extra sure I was doing a completely clean build. This has been a wholesale waste of time. The only known solution is to reformat my hard drive and reinstall the Trial version of Flash Builder every two months, which is a huge waste of time. It won't save us any money because we already paid for a volume license of Flash Builder Premium. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!