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    Help with CSS


      I've been trying to insert a Spry Menu into my webpage. As default it left justifies it. Whilst trying to center the menu itself I have managed to completly mess up my CSS for it and I can not work out how to set it to default. Is there any way of doing this? If so, how?

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          zagods Level 1
          Can't you create a new file, insert a new spry menu, and use that original CSS in place of yours?
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            tollocosov Level 1
            Nope, everytime I try to create a new document and insert a new spry menu it uses the same CSS. It seems to be using it as the default setting now.

            Any ideas?


            Its all OK now...I've sorted it. Just had to replace the new edited crappy CSS with the old one in the original installation folder. Thanks for your help anyway.