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    Repeating video in different clips

    Dimitri Vorontzov Level 1

      Hi again Forum!


      Could you help, please? I have 12-minute long video files shot with Sony EX1. The clips have the same name but different number, for example: 4806_01, 4806_02, 4806_03 and so on. In the source video these files are different and follow one after the other (the camcorder makes an automatic "cut"between them and then continues shooting with the next number for the same clip name). But when I place the three clips that are supposed to correspong to the three videos onto the Timeline, these three clips show the same footage (the one from the clip #1). Sometimes Premiere also adds extra clips where the files are combined into one clip - and repeats that longer clip, too!


      Has anyone encountered that problem before?


      Please take a look at the attached screenshot:


      Screen shot 2010-08-31 at 1.26.09 PM.png